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2006 OSHA Teleconference Training Series


Because the conference is live, you can ask questions (anonymously, if desired) during the 15-minute Q&A period after the teleconference, and get an immediate response from nationally recognized OSHA expert, Dr. Sheila Dunn.


All teleconferences, listed in date order below, are 1.5 hours, including 20-30 minutes of Q&A. 


CDs and/or MP3 files will be available approximately 2 weeks after each session.  Each includes handouts for $99.00.


Protecting Healthcare Workers from Respiratory  Infections such as TB and Flu (CD or MP3 File: $99)

TB Guidelines Have Changed!  Are You Ready?

CDC's new TB Guidelines have been realeased and they require a complete overhaul of your practices' TB policies.  After plowing through hundreds of pages of CDC's new TB Guidelines, we at Quality America were pleasantly surprised to learn that for outpatient medical and dental facilities, the new guidelines aren't difficult or expensive, and unlike some other federal regulations, they really do make sense!  How can you get up to speed quickly and easily?  This seminar is designed to provide information on how to quickly and easily implement CDC's new TB Guidelines.

Topics include:

  • Determining your practice's risk (i.e., how to perform a risk assessment).
  • Testing employees for TB and dealing with complications with the test (e.g., BCG vaccine).
  • How to quickly identify TB patients and require them to practice respiratory hygiene.
  • What masks must be worn when working with patents who have or are suspected to  have TB, flu and whooping cough
  • What actions you should take when an employee has a positive TB skin test

CD Price: $99   1-800-946-9956

MP3 File Download Price: $99   1-800-946-9956


Preventing Workplace Violence (CD/MP3 File: $99)

Each day more than 9,000 healthcare workers are verbally or physically attacked on the job. OSHA can cite medical facilities under the General Duty Clause for failing to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. This includes preventing and controlling the hazard of workplace violence.

In this audio conference, you will learn about effective steps you can take in your facility to lessen the chance that an act of violence will occur. These steps include performing a risk assessment for determining how likely your facility would be affected. Then, you will learn the components of a Violence Prevention Program including the types of workplace violence most likely to occur (types of perpetrators). Finally, we’ll discuss how to recognize and respond to “red flag” behavior in order to de-escalate acts of aggression that can snowball into full-fledged violence.

Handouts will include a sample Violence Prevention Program and a Facility Risk Assessment.

CD Price: $99    1-800-946-9956

MP3 File Download Price: $99   1-800-946-9956


Bloodborne Pathogens Annual Retraining for     Healthcare Workers

OSHA requires annual Bloodborne pathogens retraining for all clinical healthcare workers. This audioconference fulfills this requirement and includes practical suggestions for keeping employees safe from Bloodborne infections in their workplace. Includes facts about how bloodborne diseases are transmitted in medical facilities and how and when to wear personal protective apparel to block transmission. We’ll also discuss hand hygiene, spill cleanup, safety sharps, and biohazardous waste. Finally, we’ll discuss the hepatitis B vaccination, sharps injuries and what to do (testing and treatment) when you or a co-worker sustains a needlestick or other sharps injury.

CD Price: $99    1-800-946-9956


OSHA 301 Managing Hazardous Chemicals In Your Practice

The typical medical practice uses over 20 chemicals considered hazardous by OSHA. Are you certain that you are safe from them as required by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard? During this session, you’ll learn about how to protect yourself when working with hazardous chemicals through both Material Safety Data Sheets, and proper storage and labeling of chemicals. We’ll discuss precautions to take for common hazardous substances (cleansers, mercury, cytotoxic drugs, glutaraldehyde, BCG and laser smoke). Finally, we’ll discuss exactly how to decontaminate patient equipment through high-level disinfection.

CD Price: $99    1-800-946-9956


November 17, 2006: Administering Your OSHA Program; Practical Strategies to Streamline Compliance Duties

Designed for those newly responsible for their facility’s OSHA program as well as experienced OSHA Safety Officers who need to organize time spent on compliance activities and feel confident compliance is maintained over time. Learn about measures to take to make your building safe for workers, including safety tips for fire, evacuation routes, exits, electricity, sinks, restricted access areas, eyewashes and compressed gas storage. We’ll discuss OSHA’s General Duty Clause, which governs ergonomics, violence, infection control and TB. We’ll also discuss what will bring OSHA to your door and what to do when an agent arrives unannounced. Finally you’ll learn how to manage OSHA training and record keeping tasks.

Price: $149    1-800-946-9956


CDs and/or MP3 files will be available approximately 2 weeks after each session.  Each includes handouts for $99.00.


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