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What to Do About Substance Abuse in the Healthcare Workplace

“We don’t need a drug-free workplace policy. We don’t have substance abusers in our practice.” That’s the mindset many managers have; yet, factors such as stress and access to drugs make substance abuse just as prevalent in the healthcare workplace as in others—if not more so.

In one tragic case, a graduate of an anesthesiology training program won a coveted position with a major medical center. Six months later he was found dead in a hospital restroom from an overdose of drugs taken from the operating room.

Substance abuse in the healthcare workplace often means an increased workload for co-workers who may already be overwhelmed. This can result in tension, guilt, anger, a sense of betrayal and even a “don’t ask, don’t tell” denial—not to mention the risks placed on patients.

This white paper offers facts about drug and alcohol problems and the warning signs to look for in healthcare employees who may have these problems. Learn what to do to make your practice “unfriendly” to substance abusers, and get information on how to develop a drug-free workplace policy.

Get advice from Quality America on “What to Do About Substance Abuse in the Healthcare Workplace.”

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