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White Papers

Looking for help on a specific topic? Our library has articles on just about everything, from general OSHA compliance to information on hazardous chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, disinfecting medical instruments and more.


A Common Sense Approach to Chemical Safety for Medical and Dental Settings

Chemicals used daily by employees in medical and dental settings can be harmful—even deadly. OSHA requires employers to provide tools and training to protect workers from hazardous chemicals. Here's what you need to know.



A Disinfection and Chemical Sterilization Primer

It’s a healthcare worker’s nightmare: patients infected by inadequately sterilized instruments or scopes used during a procedure in your facility. Find out how to keep this from happening to you with Quality America’s "Disinfection and Chemical Sterilization Primer."



Meeting OSHA’s Employee Training Requirements

Keeping up with OSHA’s required employee training can be a daunting task—knowing what needs to be covered, figuring out how to conduct training most effectively, making sure everything is properly documented. Employee training is easy with tips from Quality America.



Negotiating Payment for In-House Testing from Managed Care Plans

Managed care organizations (MCOs) continue to slash laboratory test reimbursements to physician offices or insist tests be referred to mega-labs for rock-bottom rates.

Read "Negotiating Payment for In-House Testing from Managed Care Plans" to negotiate a better managed care plan contract.


Guide to MRSA for Healthcare Workers

What do the St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers have in common? Hint: It has nothing to do with football and everything to do with an infection control nightmare that all healthcare workers need to know about. Read Quality America's Guide to MRSA here.



What To Do About Substance Abuse in the Healthcare Workplace

“We don’t need a drug-free policy. We don’t have substance abusers in our practice.” That’s the mindset many managers have; yet, factors such as stress and access to drugs make substance abuse just as prevalent in the healthcare workplace as in others. Get solutions here.

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