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Epinephrine Salts Disposal

Q: I noted in my Jan/Feb 2008 issue of the OSHA Watch Newsletter that disposal requirements for Epinephrine salts are changing as a result of a recent EPA memo. You said: "... the EPA brings some relief clarifying the scope...

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Posted by salholm at 04:26 PM

CLIA for Blood Draws?

Q: Do we need a CLIA license simply because we draw blood? A: CLIA only applies if you test the blood you draw. If you simply draw blood and send the sample to an outside lab to be tested, then...

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Posted by salholm at 04:21 PM

OSHA for Leased Space?

Q: If we lease or rent out a building to a doctor outside our group are we responsible for the tenant being OSHA compliant? A: No, OSHA is enforced as the employer's obligation to the employee and is not part...

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Posted by kmazza at 10:03 AM

Are Medical Temp Agencies Responsible?

Q: This question is about staff that we have working for our company, that are actual employees of a temp agency we are using. Since we are not their employer, unless we decide to have them come on board.....are we...

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Posted by kmazza at 03:57 PM

Disposing of Mercury After a Spill

Q: We had a mercury spill in one of our facilities. The fire department came and cleaned it up, but we now have a package containing the mercury we need to dispose of. They're telling me we need an EPA...

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Posted by salholm at 11:38 AM

Mercury Blood Pressure Cuffs

Q: Is it prohibited to purchase and/or use mercury containing blood pressure cuffs? A: It is certainly a "best practice" to transition to non-mercury containing medical devices. Check out the EPA's Eliminating Mercury Environmental Best Practice Guide for details. Whether...

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Posted by salholm at 11:17 AM

Test Your Knowledge - Multiple Facility HCWs

If the doctors in a practice pay visits to patients while they are in a nursing home, are letters from the nursing home stating that they are OSHA compliant required? What about physicians who work at the hospital too? A.)...

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Posted by kmazza at 04:10 PM

How Many Hours Can Be Worked Daily?

Q: What is the OSHA standard for number of hours worked in a day. Also, what are the requirements for breaks and lunch schedules? A: OSHA doesn't set requirements for work schedules. The legal requirements for work hours, breaks, and...

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Posted by kmazza at 04:06 PM

Streamline Your Cleaning Processes

Cleaning and disinfecting are some of the most important steps in preventing the acquisition and spread of infectious diseases. In healthcare, different levels of "clean" are needed in different areas. General cleaning involves dirt and dust removal similar to that...

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Posted by kmazza at 04:00 PM

What Does the Election Have to Do with OSHA at Your Facility?

We're on the road to choosing a new American president. Currently the race appears wide open in both the Republican and Democratic parties. But one thing is certain: the outcome, whatever it is, will affect OSHA's oversight of medical and...

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Posted by kmazza at 03:48 PM

New Employee Considerations

Q: We're trying to figure out which rules and regulations apply to new healthcare employees at our facility. What are some of the guidelines for new employees? A: All new employees should be oriented to the building evacuation routes and...

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Posted by salholm at 09:26 AM

Test Your Knowledge - Eye Wash Stations

Which of the following requirements apply to eye wash stations? A.) Must be on the same level, free of obstructions and have appropriate signage B.) Located within 100 feet, or about 10 seconds walk, of areas with risk for exposure...

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Posted by kmazza at 04:03 PM

Hazardous Posed by Burring Toenails

Q: I am wondering if you have any info or resources for occupational hazards and controls for exposure to nail dust from podiatrists burring toenails? There are a lot of articles on the web but I do not find any...

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Posted by kmazza at 03:47 PM

Free How to Set Up Your OSHA Program Teleconference

As an ongoing service to our newer OSHA Safety Program Manual customers, we are offering our next free "How to Set Up Your OSHA Program" teleconference on Thursday, May 8, 2008 from 3-4:30 PM EST for our Dental customers and...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:23 PM

Increase in OSHA inspections, citations for physician practices

Approximately 20% more physician offices were inspected in 2007 than in 2006. An even greater increase in citations resulted -- violations were up by a third. Analysis of OSHA inspection statistics for 2007 revealed significant increases in the "offices and...

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Posted by kmazza at 12:48 PM

Change to HIV post-exposure treatment

On December 14th, the US Public Health Service updated their recommendations for administration of two drugs used after workplace HIV exposures from needlesticks. A new dosing regimen was proposed for Kaletra. The second recommendation warns against prescribing Viracept for pregnant...

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Posted by kmazza at 12:25 PM


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