The Beauty of American Cuisine

For every country, the word “Tradition” has a lot of respect. From food to styling and talking, there is uniqueness in any country of the world.

The American Cuisine is no different. It has tons of flavor, and its real beauty lies in the fact that it has mixed several different flavors of the world. You can find hints of Mexican dishes to Italian dishes. To be honest, American Cuisine is an accurate reflection of the modern world today.

Even staid Puritans gave appreciation to Indian corn. It was used to feed animals and was used in many parts of New England. “Food fit for swine” was what one contemporary agricultural writer called it.

Despite corn’s association with Native Americans, whom the Puritans gradually deemed incapable of entire civilization, New Englanders made bread from it, brewed beer with it, and, instead of wheat or rye, planted their fields with it.

In the year 1962 a noted speaker, John Wintrhop Jr. gave a speech urging people of New England to start growing corn. This led to a huge rise in production of corn and clearly shows the power of Puritanical culture.

There have been many myths that American cuisine has been achieved from the East European food style. Well, it happened in the year of 1662 when John Winthrop first attended the lecture in London and had a taste of the European cuisine.

However, for John, the food did emerge out to be delicious and making him triumphal! He brought that food to the United States of America and encouraged his countrymen to have it. Thus from here America started adapting the nature of European cuisine. However, this was just the beginning and from here it emerged out to be a great achievement. From here a new trend gave rise and as a result of this, American Food got a new taste!

Hunting was one of the biggest traditions of America. Thus the concept of meat, stake, book or even swine as a cuisine is nothing new. The conceptions of hunting were also nothing separate from that of the Europeans and thus it became an honest meal for most of the citizens in America.

The hunters often tried to hunt down their cattle, and it became a standard practice for most of the parts in the country early on. As a result of this, there grew up another tradition following the consumption of swine meat and also the meat of other hunted animals. The people started slowly enjoying it and thus it became popular in the country.

American cuisine has its origin. Though it was adapted from the European tradition, there have been many changes in America. The large scale of dairy products used all over the country is America’s own and it is probably the beauty of the country.

Where ever you go, you shall find a lot of innovations in the dairy products. Evolved from the county states of America, there was a steep rise in the tradition of the country. People all over the country loved dairy food products and started consuming them regularly.