Is American Diet Unhealthy?

A lot of people believe that there has been a monumental change in American Diet. From the early 18th Century the age of industrialization, also gave birth to unhealthy and fast food culture. However, this just did not stop there, and American Diet went on with the flow of this culture.

Over the years, this has gone worst and the amount of junk an average American consumes is alarmingly high.

Although the citizens have realized that the food they were consuming were unhealthy, still very few of them enforced the change in their diet. But has anyone questioned why American food is unhealthy?

Sadly to the country of America, the choice of foods has always been worse and as a result of this, most of the people in the country are unhealthy due to their diet choice. Foods which are rich in starch, oil as well as carbohydrates are readily available in the country, and there are no restrictions to this. Maybe this is the reason why there have been so many people with an unhealthy diet. Here are some of the possible reasons why Americans have chosen to continue with unhealthy diets!

  • In some of the regions of America, there is an extreme lack of availability of foods, or even organic foods are difficult to find. Thus the people are bound to stay in limits of choosing food. As a result of this, unhealthy and junk foods are an option for them!
  • Well, for such a busy country like America, almost everyone is on the move, and thus their food should be on the move as well. To get food from the local fast food restaurant is just going to take a few minutes. This option has benefitted some working people but has also managed to keep them out of shape.
  • Now who wants to get into the kitchen after working for 9 hours in a day? You must be feeling tired and wishing to have food that has been already prepared. Thus the option of junk food comes up to the mind first!
  • Addiction is also a major concern for most of the people. A lot of people have already claimed that they are addicted to fried foods in America, and this involves oil consumption daily!
Hamburgers - The most common junk food in America

Hamburgers – The most common junk food in America

However, these are not just the only reasons why Americans are so involved in junk foods. Junk foods have always brought out innovations which make the people feel attracted towards it. With so many varieties of fries as well as so many options of sizes one would always prefer to have fast food to satisfy his stomach and also to meet the constraint of time!

But this indeed has an adverse effect. The cholesterol involved in so many junk foods is harmful and keeps almost everyone unhealthy. So, daily junk foods are never good for anyone in the world. But still, some people do prefer to get it. Here are some more reasons why people opt for junk foods:

  • With so many activities throughout the day, there are few chances for the family to sit together and have dinner at the same time. Yes, America is moving forward, and thus people are spending more time on work and less time on food.
  • Fatigue, stress, exhaustion—and not enough hours in the day.
  • It is so easier to pick up food, and eat it anytime! This is probably the biggest reason!

So this article goes in-depth regarding the reasons why American Diet is so unhealthy. If you are addicted to fried foods or have a story of your own, then share in the comments below.