5 Types of Kitchen Faucets

Are you planning to buy a new Kitchen Faucet for yourself? Does your present faucet pose several problems for you? Then, it is time you properly researched on faucets and chose the right one for your home. You might have noticed many types of kitchen faucets but never paid much attention to it, well it is time that you do now. There are many types of kitchen faucets available, all of which have their own pros and cons and can offer you a chance to choose the one that suits your kitchen needs and space. Source : Kitchenguyd.com

  1. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

One of the most commonly used kitchen faucet type, a Pull Out faucet performs the task of cleaning the dishes and utensils by being pulled out. The sprayer wand can be pulled in the outward direction and can help you in covering a larger area around the sink. This type of faucet is more useful for those people who have a smaller sink area and need to cover great distance around the sink area for washing and cleaning.

  1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Another popular type of kitchen faucet, a Pull Down faucet performs the task in a similar way as that of a Pull Out faucet but instead of being pulled in an outward direction, this faucet sprayer can be pulled in a downward direction. This functionality makes it useful for large and deep sinks where it can easily cover the area and clean the dishes with efficiency and convenience.

  1. Commercial Kitchen Faucet

This type of kitchen faucet is mostly used in hotels and restaurants and are just a more professional and bigger version of the pull down kitchen faucets. This type of kitchen faucet includes a long neck and a 360-degree swiveling head which makes cleaning vegetables and dishes much easier and simpler. It also provides more water power than an ordinary kitchen faucet.

  1. Pot Filler Faucet

Another useful type of kitchen faucet is the Pot Filler faucet which enables you to multitask while you are cooking or cutting fruits and vegetables. This faucet can be installed above stoves and since it has a long tap, it can easily fill pots and vessels, just turn it on and it would do the work itself. In the meanwhile, you can complete your other tasks and once it is filled, you can just go ahead and close it and you don’t need to carry the heavy water-filled vessel anymore too.

  1. Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

An efficient kitchen faucet type which not only provides you with a convenient faucet location but also provides a classier look to your kitchen. This type of faucet can be fixed on the wall just above the sink and is better used for under-mount sinks or farmhouse sinks. This faucet will make it easier for you to clean the sink and the dishes but you would need to take extra care while plumbing and connecting the water lines to this faucet.

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6 Iconic American Dishes

The word American cuisine reminds us of the hamburger with extra cheese and a big fat patty. Americans have been extravagant since the beginning be it entertainment, traveling or food, and, have adopted some food items from various countries and molded it into their iconic dishes which have America written all over them.

Here we take a look at the most iconic dishes of American history.

1.HAMBURGERS: Hamburgers are rarely made of ham, so why the name? According to history, Hamburg was a German port connecting New York and Germany so to attract German customers people sold Hamburg style steak which later developed onto hamburgers. These are usually made up with bread buns cut in half and filled with fried beef patties, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles and mustard sauce served with ketchup accompanied by French Fries and Cola!

2.APPLE PIE“As American as apple pie” is a saying in the United States, meaning “typically American.” Apple pie became one of the most iconic dishes in America during the 19th century; it is usually made with a filling of apples that are thin sliced and spiced with cinnamon and lemon juice in a 9′ diameter fluted pie plate, served with whipped cream; it is the evening snack for every American child. With appliances like a stand mixer, you can easily make multiple apple pies from the comfort of your home. Find the one which is best for you by going through stand mixer reviews.

3.MAC AND CHEESE: Macaroni and cheese originally a dish from the United Kingdom became a popular dish in the USA after President Thomas Jefferson served a pie called macaroni at a state dinner in 1802. Made purely with macaroni pasta and cheese, usually cheddar and butter, traditionally baked in a casserole, mac and cheese are considered as a comfort food by Americans. They even have a “National Macaroni and Cheese Day” on the 14th of July!!

4.CORNDOGS: This is the American street food which is the most common in the States and has many variations that exist, however, the traditional version is made with a sausage that is dipped in cornmeal batter, thickly coating it and then deep frying it. Usually served on a stick with mustard sauce and ketchup.

5.BANANA SPLIT:  The banana split sundae was invented in 1904 by a pharmacist in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, who enjoyed inventing sundaes in his free time!! Thanks to him for a whole new level of sundae!! Traditionally made with a banana sliced lengthwise placed in a long tray called a boat with a scoop of each; vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice-cream, topped with respective syrups, nuts, whipped cream, and maraschino cherry this is every sweet tooth’s paradise. You can find a Banana Split in many small restaurants now because of powerful appliances like Kitchenaid Professional 600 and whipped cream.

6.ICE CREAM SODA: Another American invention when the soda fountain seller ran out of ice to cool his drinks he used ice-cream from a fellow vendor and thus invented the ice cream float. Known by many names such as that of root beer float, Boston cooler , brown cow, tc., this is usually made with a soda drink such as coke or beer served with an ice-cream scoop which floats on top of it usually vanilla or chocolate. Most popular as a summer cooler in America.

So these were top 6 iconic dishes, that are prevalent in United States. So what do you all think about this? Let us know below.

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Is American Diet Unhealthy?

A lot of people believe that there has been a monumental change in American Diet. From the early 18th Century the age of industrialization, also gave birth to unhealthy and fast food culture. However, this just did not stop there, and American Diet went on with the flow of this culture.

Over the years, this has gone worst and the amount of junk an average American consumes is alarmingly high.

Although the citizens have realized that the food they were consuming were unhealthy, still very few of them enforced the change in their diet. But has anyone questioned why American food is unhealthy?

Sadly to the country of America, the choice of foods has always been worse and as a result of this, most of the people in the country are unhealthy due to their diet choice. Foods which are rich in starch, oil as well as carbohydrates are readily available in the country, and there are no restrictions to this. Maybe this is the reason why there have been so many people with an unhealthy diet. Here are some of the possible reasons why Americans have chosen to continue with unhealthy diets!

  • In some of the regions of America, there is an extreme lack of availability of foods, or even organic foods are difficult to find. Thus the people are bound to stay in limits of choosing food. As a result of this, unhealthy and junk foods are an option for them!
  • Well, for such a busy country like America, almost everyone is on the move, and thus their food should be on the move as well. To get food from the local fast food restaurant is just going to take a few minutes. This option has benefitted some working people but has also managed to keep them out of shape.
  • Now who wants to get into the kitchen after working for 9 hours in a day? You must be feeling tired and wishing to have food that has been already prepared. Thus the option of junk food comes up to the mind first!
  • Addiction is also a major concern for most of the people. A lot of people have already claimed that they are addicted to fried foods in America, and this involves oil consumption daily!
Hamburgers - The most common junk food in America

Hamburgers – The most common junk food in America

However, these are not just the only reasons why Americans are so involved in junk foods. Junk foods have always brought out innovations which make the people feel attracted towards it. With so many varieties of fries as well as so many options of sizes one would always prefer to have fast food to satisfy his stomach and also to meet the constraint of time!

But this indeed has an adverse effect. The cholesterol involved in so many junk foods is harmful and keeps almost everyone unhealthy. So, daily junk foods are never good for anyone in the world. But still, some people do prefer to get it. Here are some more reasons why people opt for junk foods:

  • With so many activities throughout the day, there are few chances for the family to sit together and have dinner at the same time. Yes, America is moving forward, and thus people are spending more time on work and less time on food.
  • Fatigue, stress, exhaustion—and not enough hours in the day.
  • It is so easier to pick up food, and eat it anytime! This is probably the biggest reason!

So this article goes in-depth regarding the reasons why American Diet is so unhealthy. If you are addicted to fried foods or have a story of your own, then share in the comments below.

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The Beauty of American Cuisine

For every country, the word “Tradition” has a lot of respect. From food to styling and talking, there is uniqueness in any country of the world.

The American Cuisine is no different. It has tons of flavor, and its real beauty lies in the fact that it has mixed several different flavors of the world. You can find hints of Mexican dishes to Italian dishes. To be honest, American Cuisine is an accurate reflection of the modern world today.

Even staid Puritans gave appreciation to Indian corn. It was used to feed animals and was used in many parts of New England. “Food fit for swine” was what one contemporary agricultural writer called it.

Despite corn’s association with Native Americans, whom the Puritans gradually deemed incapable of entire civilization, New Englanders made bread from it, brewed beer with it, and, instead of wheat or rye, planted their fields with it.

In the year 1962 a noted speaker, John Wintrhop Jr. gave a speech urging people of New England to start growing corn. This led to a huge rise in production of corn and clearly shows the power of Puritanical culture.

There have been many myths that American cuisine has been achieved from the East European food style. Well, it happened in the year of 1662 when John Winthrop first attended the lecture in London and had a taste of the European cuisine.

However, for John, the food did emerge out to be delicious and making him triumphal! He brought that food to the United States of America and encouraged his countrymen to have it. Thus from here America started adapting the nature of European cuisine. However, this was just the beginning and from here it emerged out to be a great achievement. From here a new trend gave rise and as a result of this, American Food got a new taste!

Hunting was one of the biggest traditions of America. Thus the concept of meat, stake, book or even swine as a cuisine is nothing new. The conceptions of hunting were also nothing separate from that of the Europeans and thus it became an honest meal for most of the citizens in America.

The hunters often tried to hunt down their cattle, and it became a standard practice for most of the parts in the country early on. As a result of this, there grew up another tradition following the consumption of swine meat and also the meat of other hunted animals. The people started slowly enjoying it and thus it became popular in the country.

American cuisine has its origin. Though it was adapted from the European tradition, there have been many changes in America. The large scale of dairy products used all over the country is America’s own and it is probably the beauty of the country.

Where ever you go, you shall find a lot of innovations in the dairy products. Evolved from the county states of America, there was a steep rise in the tradition of the country. People all over the country loved dairy food products and started consuming them regularly.

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