5 Types of Kitchen Faucets

Are you planning to buy a new Kitchen Faucet for yourself? Does your present faucet pose several problems for you? Then, it is time you properly researched on faucets and chose the right one for your home. You might have noticed many types of kitchen faucets but never paid much attention to it, well it is time that you do now. There are many types of kitchen faucets available, all of which have their own pros and cons and can offer you a chance to choose the one that suits your kitchen needs and space. Source : Kitchenguyd.com

  1. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

One of the most commonly used kitchen faucet type, a Pull Out faucet performs the task of cleaning the dishes and utensils by being pulled out. The sprayer wand can be pulled in the outward direction and can help you in covering a larger area around the sink. This type of faucet is more useful for those people who have a smaller sink area and need to cover great distance around the sink area for washing and cleaning.

  1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Another popular type of kitchen faucet, a Pull Down faucet performs the task in a similar way as that of a Pull Out faucet but instead of being pulled in an outward direction, this faucet sprayer can be pulled in a downward direction. This functionality makes it useful for large and deep sinks where it can easily cover the area and clean the dishes with efficiency and convenience.

  1. Commercial Kitchen Faucet

This type of kitchen faucet is mostly used in hotels and restaurants and are just a more professional and bigger version of the pull down kitchen faucets. This type of kitchen faucet includes a long neck and a 360-degree swiveling head which makes cleaning vegetables and dishes much easier and simpler. It also provides more water power than an ordinary kitchen faucet.

  1. Pot Filler Faucet

Another useful type of kitchen faucet is the Pot Filler faucet which enables you to multitask while you are cooking or cutting fruits and vegetables. This faucet can be installed above stoves and since it has a long tap, it can easily fill pots and vessels, just turn it on and it would do the work itself. In the meanwhile, you can complete your other tasks and once it is filled, you can just go ahead and close it and you don’t need to carry the heavy water-filled vessel anymore too.

  1. Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

An efficient kitchen faucet type which not only provides you with a convenient faucet location but also provides a classier look to your kitchen. This type of faucet can be fixed on the wall just above the sink and is better used for under-mount sinks or farmhouse sinks. This faucet will make it easier for you to clean the sink and the dishes but you would need to take extra care while plumbing and connecting the water lines to this faucet.