Are you planning to buy a washing machine for your home? Well, according to the survey conducted by a well-known testing brand revealed that almost 60% of the washing machine new owners had to adjust in a couple of things because they did not know about how to test a washing machine before buying it.

If you are planning to buy a new a then there are several aspects you need to look at it then you can come to a conclusion. The numbers are huge who are buying their first washing machine, and they have zero knowledge on the washing machine subject, which can lead them to disappointment There is no guarantee that the employee from the showroom will suggest you the best one because his aim is to write one more sale to his sales sheet.

Now whom can you depend on when it comes to buying your first washing machine? Well, that is where we come down to your aid. Today we will educate you on things that you need to look at before buying a washing machine.

Portable Washing Machine


What Is The Best Portable Washing Machine in market?

We will show you some of the best ways you can use to check the machine capabilities to find out, which one fits your profile.

Design and Easy Set Up

If you are using the washing machine for the first time, then you should consider the design and the size because why would spins buy an old looking design and the size may not fit the spot you are going to place. Not every washing machine is made easy to use, the more comfortable you are with the controls, the more you will enjoy using it.

Quality Of Washing

Did you know that much latest technology equipped machines are unable to remove regular stains and unfortunately, the company claims they can remove Coffee stains, Chocolate, Oil, Grease and more? Make sure that you machine is capable of removing stains.

Motor Efficiency 

Our clothes weigh, there is no doubt about it. The spin cycles in the washing machine tend to increase the water level, which will result in an increase in drying.

Portable Washing Machine 1

Motor Noise

Not many new consumers are aware that Motor’s make more noise when they are in use. Nobody can estimate on how much noise will the W.M can make noise during the action. While testing the demo, ask the representative to add few clothes, and then you can listen to the live performance for the W.M.

Value & Worth To Invest

Almost every brand is selling their products based on New technology. Do some research online on Price, Features, and certified users Rating. Every brand has something new to offer. It could be the Design, Functions, New technology and more. Ensure that you are making the right purchase for a reasonable price.


The bottom line is, if you are following the points which we have mentioned above then you are ready to go for Washing Machine shop. If you are looking for more bathroom products, read reviews (ex: shower heads reviews )If you have any questions or suggestions to make then the comment box is ready for you.